Teuton Legends

Brigade3 –

Creator of the army and quite possible one of the greatest UK leaders of his generation. He created the Teutons with long-term buddy Earthing and the two managed to lead the army to legendary status in CPAC reaching 6th at a time when the Top Ten was competitive. They led to great AUSIA and UK sizes. Brigade3 also took a leading role in the second and third generations. All is lost of a rather unsuccessful revival in the second generation however the third generation was by far the most successful in Top Ten ranking. Brigade3 helped mastermind a massive upset gaining 2nd on CPAC numerous times and also helped maintain the army in the Top 5 for a sustained time. They managed to get 25+ at a time when armies were struggling. Brigade3 is a great wartime leader and has been nominated for CPA legend status numerous times and won many awards for the Teutons and himself.


Earthing –

Creator of the Teutons with Brigade3. Famous amongst CPA for his brilliant skills in recruiting and war-time capabilities. Despite allegations of cheating he masterminded the AUSIA rise of the Teutons, becoming by far the greatest AUSIA army in CPA even beating ACP during the AUSIA golden age. Leading to sizes of 25+ in the first generation but also seeing through the meteoric rise of the army from small sizes to being one of the major players in CPAC, an army everyone was aware of. Arguably one of the greatest S/M leaders of all time Earthing brought the Teutons up from being nothing to being a world power with Brigade3 and helped in numerous events in the third generation as well. Leading to CPAC 6th in 2014 was no easy feat and Earthing was briefly rewarded with SMAC legend status (which was later unfairly revoked by the bias SMAC board).

Llywelyn –

One of the most loyal troops and dedicated leaders. Led in both the first, second and third generations and is credited with leading the UK to greatness with Brigade3. Although often a rather unseen figure in the rise of the Teutons Llywelyn is a legend in the CPA community in his own right and despite being accused of being carried both Brigade3 and Earthing agree without Llylwelyn the Teutons would not be the success story it is now. One of the greatest leaders of the Teutons, ever and is definitely a S/M legend.

Palmtrica –

A loyal commander who also happened to have recruited Brigade3 into CPA itself. One of the most funniest leaders who although inactive at times was a driving force in the rise of the first generation of the Teutons. He was the right-hand man of Brigade3 and was a popular leader for fighting corruption and cheating in CPA. He had morals and led the army beside the great commanders as a great army leader in his own right.

Jd –

Joined the army in the third generation after a long and extensive history in Club Penguin Armies. He joined for a mod rank and worked his way up to being leader. Leading the army to record sizes of 25+ with just Brigade3 in the third generation the two became legendary in the community for defeating the Golds in a hate-filled war. Jd is arguable the best leader of the Teutons to have not led in the first generation. He was the best recruiter in the third generation for sure and helped to influence the army to become the strongest UK army of its time.


He was one of the first Teutonic knights who fought with his comrades. Known for his immaturity and loyalty, he was present during the foundation till the end of the first era of early Teutonic generation. He will always be remembered for his loyalty in Teutons through infinity and beyond.


Jay was appointed as Teutons Leader by Earthing in the last generation.He helped the army max sizes of 20 in AUSIA and is regarded as one of the Greatest Teutons AUSIA Leader.

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