Hey Teutons,

Today we did a training event. Lag was really bad so we just did a few scatters and a few bombs. We maxed 25+ and did near perfect bombs. Golds fear our power!

Sorry for lack of pics I lost a lot due to being hit offline


Official Response to Golds Army

*This is a key post regarding the foreign affairs of the Teutons Army and is a must-read for all of the army and CPA community.*

So I have recently seen another ally stab us in the back and quite frankly I’m not surprised the Golds are a very greedy army indeed and will stop at nothing to try bring me down. They personally hate the arm and want to cleanse us from the community, a genocide of Teutons if you will and this hopefully spur on support from our allies and yourselves to help us win this war. This is a highly serious post.

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