Hey Teutons,

Today we went out and got absolutely smashed at the club. Mate there was bare fit lasses and I swear my man Johnny b got laid. Our crew had 19+ man and despite losing a few of the lads to the bouncers we managed to keep the squad at 16/17 throughout the night. Saw some rowdy Golds p*ssies as well and beat the b*stards out of our patch.


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Hey Teutons,

Today we held a UK training session and managed to max 19 and average 18. This was a good event guys. I thank all Teutons legends past and present who made it possible and also thanks to all Teuton troops who made this week one of our best weeks in terms of size and activity in war.


Message to the Golds Army

There are many people, who are listening right now maybe a friend of mine or a foe, but whether you like it or not, I’m giving my speech for peace.

If you looked up for the word “peace” in the dictionary, chances are it would say something about tranquility, and non-violence. If you search for a synonym, it might even say a truce. I think Peace is far more than just a truce.

A truce, in my mind, is an agreement to stop fighting. If we are to achieve peace, we must, every day, make a difference.
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Message From Cage9

Greetings my fellow Teutons,

Some of you may know me, but if you’re not familiar with the name, I am one of the third in commands of this army. When I joined this army as the rank of Lightning McQueen, I never had a dream that this very army was a super power in a dying community, but hell even last year it would’ve made the top 5 anyway. I have written this post today to motivate each and every one of you to help this army reach greater heights and defeat the tyranny and corruption in this community. I know you guys can use this army to achieve that, but if you’re going to succeed in that objective you must believe in yourself, this army, and even in your leaders. If you have the heart to do it, then you can do it! Do not let other armies or even other people put you down as a Teuton you must be willing to defend justice and try to bring honor and justice back to this community. No DDoSing, multilogging, or IP leaks, and while there is no single army to blame for this all I know for a fact that the Teutons have not taken part in this. We like to point fingers at other armies and blame it on them and say that they cheated to get on the Top 10 of CPAC. Always remember that more than likely at one point or another that if they indeed did cheat eventually they shall fall and your great empire stands above the rest. I talked a lot about that but the point is; do not fight for wanting to fight, but if you are to fight than at least fight for the right reasons. One of the quotes that keeps me going in this community is just three words from my old friend and CPAC CEO Atticus; “Strive for greatness” and although it is a small quote it can mean anything to anyone.

From the desk of your third in command,




North Pole is Teutons territory again. For like the fifth time [lol] we take back our server and our capital. We did really well and had some great tactics. Golds were very small and couldn’t cope but guaranteed will still claim victory like they always do.

Thanks to Epic for his great pics and great leadership to help us win this battle and turn the tide against the Golds. Quite frankly without him and Jd we would not be in this position to smash the Golds.




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Successful invasion of the server Glacier. We had great tactics, and originally the Golds did battle us in the town (with bots I might add) we managed to force them to log off early. I searched the whole island twice over and unless they changed rooms more than 5 times (hide and seek) they logged off. We therefore win.

MAX: 19

AVERAGE: 16-18


Hey Teutons,

Today we held a great event. We managed to achieve 19 on CP despite lag! Well done to all Teutons who came for this event, it was great. We had perfecto tactics too troops. No multilogging accusations will stop the rise of the golden era.

Thanks to iambd and Julesroyd for pics.

World Shut Your Mouth- Coolcal Promoted to Leader

World shut your mouth.

In a response to false and dastardly claims from the enemies of this fair and free nation, I am now promoting long-time loyal troop and faithful friend of mine to leader. That man is Coolcal00 and he will lead us back to heights of glory despite false accusations.

As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes and threats of heaven and sea, himself standing unmoved.

I may be what my enemies desire me to be, yet never an accusation are they able to hurl against me which makes me blush or lower my forehead; and I hope that God will be merciful enough with me, to prevent me from committing one of those faults which would involve my family.

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Hey Teutons,

Today we invaded the server Sparkle from the Golds Army. Of course they did not show as they do not have a mighty AUSIA like Teutons! We managed to invade the server automatically when Golds surrendered to CPA, but we still logged on for hope of a battle. Why can’t Golds show, they had two leaders online at the time..?

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