The Teutons have won the following awards:

4th and 5th best S/M leaders of all time!

The 2nd best graphic designer of all time!

Quote on best moment of CPA



Brigade3’s Final Farewell- The End


As we say goodbye to the Teutons, we also wave goodbye to the community as a whole. I am personally optimistic about the future and what it holds. There is a chance to start in the world again, focus more on studying and also to appreciate the old times for what they truly were- magical.

I won’t bother posting all my time in armies again, too much effort. I will however, post a final parting message and share some of my old memories with you all. I hope I will take you (and myself) along memory lane one last time.

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All good things must come to an end, but the Teutons will never end. The Teutons live on not in material form, but in spirit. The Teutonic spirit lives on in our hearts, in those little acts of bravery we commit in our lives, in those small acts of kindness in our everyday experiences. Whenever you feel lonely, be safe in the fact the Teutons will always be with you; even if you don’t quite know it.


Today was the last ever event of the Teutons army. Over the years we have become undoubtedly the best army I have ever been in and had the privilege of creating. Today’s event was more about having one last ride with our friends, rather than having a major battle.

We first created the Teutons back in 2014 as friends, but we leave it as a family. We leave it as brothers and sisters. We leave it matured: some of us in college and with jobs. We leave it with our heads held high and we know we although we may leave the Teutons: the Teutons will never leave us.

Personally, the Teutons is more than an army. The Teutons is the embodiment of the idea that no matter who you are or where you have come from you will be welcome. You have a bad reputation, forgive and repent and you will be successful. We had haters, the CPAC establishment fought to defeat us but we ended up conquering the entire of CPA. We leave the community undefeated in war, undefeated in spirit and undoubtedly unrivalled.

 RIP Teutons 2014-2017

A dream, A Legacy, A Family and A Way Of Life

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[UK]- Event Results!!

Hey Teutons,

I am terribly sorry for my inactivity these past few days. I will try my best to put as much effort as I can in! We are the best and we did great today. Humza did a great job on chat size and some friends came to help us lead tactics. Elsa also hyped chat up well too. We maxed 15!

Thanks to everyone who took pics.

*M Buble was Jared I gave him the account*

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Teutons Last Stand

This is NOT a return post.

We are not having any more Club Penguin events.

This is a post from me to tell you the years I have known you all have been the best years of my life. I am glad I met every single one of you and the memories we made will NOT be forgotten easily.

The friendships made will last a lifetime. To ensure this I will be creating an Instagram, Facebook, Kik and Snapchat group chat to make sure well all stay in touch with one another.

Here’s the details:

Email me your social media at: awesomebrigade3@gmail.com 

Kik me @ brigade3

Snapchat me @ Brigade3

Facebook and Instagram will be for close friends who email me their details.

My official Teutons goodbye will come later on March 29th or near then.

The Truth: Apology to the Community

For a long time now I have denied all allegations of cheating within this army’s last generation. However, this is not the truth and I am sorry.

The generation was clean until a point. The army was going great with Banterous Sam and Greeny as leaders. We maxed 30+ clean at one point so the pressure was on to keep doing it clean and no cheating. Then Greeny defaced us and left and Sam gave up on me. I had to multilog 2/3 per event to keep us afloat.

legit teutons under me, greeny and sam TOTALLY CLEAN!

The generation was completely clean up till that point. We reached CPAC top three totally legit and I mean that.

It then got serious when more defaces happened and EVERY owner left us apart from Jd. This is when things got serious and I hired Darklink to bot 30+ for us every event.  Whilst I used old UMA multilogs to bot. M Buble was my account but the others that were blamed on me were actually Darklink and Ronald.

Water Waves and Jd NEVER knew about what was going on the army. The botting was me, Darklink and Ronald and occasionally we would let Cal join our events but he did not bot.

I promise the community I will never again multilog or bot again and I will be in the Night Warriors totally clean from now on. I promise the community I am totally clean now and I have learnt from my cheating ways- I just want your forgiveness and a clean chance in NW.

If needed PC me and I will explain more on why I had to cheat and I regret it.

Teutons gen 1 was always clean this only affects the last generation. The Teutons still reached second clean but I ADMIT cheating after Greeny and Sam left.


Hey Teutons,

Today we held an event on North Pole. We did really well. We are going to smash the evil armies we have entered war with. The Kings and Teutons have ended the war after a treaty(Kings surrender) and soon LUFC will force the armies into a war they can’t win- a two front war. Trump Supporters and Black and Tans will be supporting the Teutons directly in events. We maxed 17 and averaged 16. First the Army Republic, then RPF then the Golds. How many wars will we win?

Brigade Doctorine: Declaration of War

Troops it has time to start a great war. It is the grand Teutonic alliance vs our enemies.

We are declaring war on the Night Rebels, Kings, Blue Troops and the Army of Club Penguin. Don’t get me wrong- we will become victorious. 


Brigade3- Teutons Creator

Gary Monk- LUFC Leader

Coolcal00- Black and Tans interim leader

Ronald- Trump Supporters Leader

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