Heya Teutons!

I honestly can’t believe its been almost 3 years since the last generation closed doors in March 2017. I know some of may have a little heart still to care or not at all (anymore) and that’s quite understandable. But bear in mind this army wasn’t just a mere group, we were a family. A list stringing of individuals lie beneath those glory days—unity what made us like Teutonic knights. You were (probably) one of those guys and if so—I appreciate your service during the group’s lifetime. We started small and the left an unremarkable journey no one would dare even replicate and if wasn’t for you, the Knights, who made it all possible.

Countless Teutonic knights, stories, struggles, controversies, battles and most especially memories. All in one place stored in our own realm. Generation by generation, we created a might entrenched, stuck into those mind and heart we have. As you’re probably reading this, have a glimpse of memoria remembering the times you’ve been. I’m sure that’s something to be proud of. Regardless of whatever the army stood out for. The comrades whom you fought with are the ones who needed you the most. Change bring down unpredictable results and its inevitable. Yet the legacy we’ve created was something out of the ordinary, extraordinary. Unlike your typical fairytale, this one was quite unique; out of its kind. We were beyond that and those memories live on for the rest of time. Former Knights, legends and godfathers: your stories in Teutons are worth knowing. What you’ve felt during the initial stages is for you to cherish.

Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing in the future and what goals you wanna pursue. I wanna leave y’all a good note and I love you.

As I quote a part in Brigade3’s premise and farewell post,

“All good things must come to an end, but the Teutons will never end. The Teutons live on not in material form, but in spirit. The Teutonic spirit lives on in our hearts, in those little acts of bravery we commit in our lives, in those small acts of kindness in our everyday experiences. Whenever you feel lonely, be safe in the fact Teutons will always be with you; even if you don’t quite know it.”

As you stood in-between those nostalgic vibes. Remember.

Fight for Glory!


~Rockstar1819, Teutonic Legend

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