The End of Teutons- A17’s Farewell

Hey Teutons,

I’m not going to write a long post

But I’ll post some of my memories that I had while being in& leading the Teutons

Sooo, Let’s waddle down memory lane!!

I joined Teutons in the first gen of Teutons, I joined Teutons as high mod,Then i got promoted to 2ic.At that time Teutons Ausia division and Teutons (in general) were performing exceedingly well like most of the other armies but after some armies went down,Teutons was performing good

It was fun leading the division,hanging out with you guys,meeting new people everyday… We were like a big family

Me winning best mod award in 2014

(Sorry,I dont have pics of events held in that time)

But I had to retire because I had to focus more on studies

… After 2 years …

I returned back to Teutons to lead the Ausia Division of the Teutons in the last generation of the Teutons

I’m happy with the sizes we got during the last few days and meeting old people after a long time brings old memories

And now we have come to an end

Thank you for all the memories

                                           If you want to contact me

My kik username is AwesomeA1710 (I’ll be active mostly on Saturday &Sunday)

Twitter- @A1710CP


I’ll miss you guys

                                               Fight for Glory




                    Teutons Ausia Leader & Teutons Legend

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About A1710

Hey!Im A1710,I like to play Club Penguin,I'm there in CP ArmiesI retired temporarily from CP Armies because i need to concentrate more on my studies,I used to work as CP Cheat poster in some sites,You can meet me on the servers Blizzard,Icicle,Snow Board,Hockey,Mountain.

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