All good things must come to an end, but the Teutons will never end. The Teutons live on not in material form, but in spirit. The Teutonic spirit lives on in our hearts, in those little acts of bravery we commit in our lives, in those small acts of kindness in our everyday experiences. Whenever you feel lonely, be safe in the fact the Teutons will always be with you; even if you don’t quite know it.


Today was the last ever event of the Teutons army. Over the years we have become undoubtedly the best army I have ever been in and had the privilege of creating. Today’s event was more about having one last ride with our friends, rather than having a major battle.

We first created the Teutons back in 2014 as friends, but we leave it as a family. We leave it as brothers and sisters. We leave it matured: some of us in college and with jobs. We leave it with our heads held high and we know we although we may leave the Teutons: the Teutons will never leave us.

Personally, the Teutons is more than an army. The Teutons is the embodiment of the idea that no matter who you are or where you have come from you will be welcome. You have a bad reputation, forgive and repent and you will be successful. We had haters, the CPAC establishment fought to defeat us but we ended up conquering the entire of CPA. We leave the community undefeated in war, undefeated in spirit and undoubtedly unrivalled.

 RIP Teutons 2014-2017

A dream, A Legacy, A Family and A Way Of Life

Screenshot of chat 10 minutes before the event.

For the last time, well done and good luck.

Image result for two brothers arms on each other



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