Brigade3’s Final Farewell- The End

As we say goodbye to the Teutons, we also wave goodbye to the community as a whole. I am personally optimistic about the future and what it holds. There is a chance to start in the world again, focus more on studying and also to appreciate the old times for what they truly were- magical.

I won’t bother posting all my time in armies again, too much effort. I will however, post a final parting message and share some of my old memories with you all. I hope I will take you (and myself) along memory lane one last time.

Final parting message

Four long years. The question must be firstly, was it worth it? And if the answer is yes, why was it worth it? It was worth it, it was definitely worth it and I’ll tell you why.

No other place have I experienced a sense of belonging, as I have done here in this community. Especially the Teutons. The army community has given me friends who will stay with me, experiences that will set me up for life and a sense of confidence in my own ability. In 2013 I entered this community barely a teenager. I entered this community a boy and I leave it a man. In this period of time I have been taught many life skills, such as how to write a good news article. I think the most important skill looking back is how to make friends, and I mean real friends.

I can’t really explain how much my three brothers mean to me. There’s Earthing, Jd and Llywelyn. These boys have been through thick and thin in the Teutons and have been there no matter what. They have never betrayed me, never backstabbed me and deserve the respect they get as legends.

In the future, turn on BBC news. You’ll see me at 10 Downing Street as PM. You will see my success as a leader in this community has led to me being a success in global leadership. This is no exaggeration 😉 the Teutons will one day be in charge of the world.

All good things must come to an end, but the Teutons will never end. The Teutons live on not in material form, but in spirit. The Teutonic spirit lives on in our hearts, in those little acts of bravery we commit in our lives, in those small acts of kindness in our everyday experiences. Whenever you feel lonely, be safe in the fact the Teutons will always be with you; even if you don’t quite know it.


Memory Lane

we were top 5 for 6 weeks in a row

TOP 5 6 WEEKS IN A ROW BOYS!! – 3rd gen

We were on Cpac 8 weeks straight- 1st gen

SMA Central Top Ten Armies [07/09/14]

Army on the Rise: Teutons

Top Ten Armies: 09/14/14

Top Ten Armies: 09/28/14

Top Ten Armies: 10/12/14

Brigade3 in the early Nacho Army days- my first army

Being in LT were fun days- until Waterkid100 decided to make me his enemy. We Teutons battled his LT many times.

My bro Musta since day one

Omegas CPAC 5th

When I led RF to 5th. This was a great moment for me, as this was the first time I led a successful army other than Omegas/Teutons. 

I am a LS notable troop.

Me and Earthing back in the days when we were noobs.

I am a former RPF leader

Waterkid100 is a noob and a great leader


Water Rovers are bigger than Earthing Warriors!

Grading @ CPAF

This is cringy af

Piano1 exposed

haha damn AR 

Team Blue legend

Goodbye, and this time it is the last time…



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