Regarding Recent Website Updates

Hello Friends,

Me and other Teutonic Legends such as Brigade3 and Rockstar are working on the updating the site,such as the Legends page and making a History page before Club Penguin closes down.I have already updated the Graphics for one last time.I hope other Teutonic Knights will also like the new updates and help in making the new updates even better.

Also if anyone wants to contact me my email is

March on forever,

And Long Live the Teutonic Family!


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About Earthing

Hi. I'm Apratim Shukla. I'm an undergraduate pursuing Electronics and Computer Engineering at VIT Chennai, I developed an interest in Computer Science at the age of 13 and since then I have been exploring the fascinating world of computers! I am a Full-Stack Web Developer, and I have been experimenting with Machine Learning, Blockchain, and REST API's. I also love to explore and experiment with different frameworks such as React, Electron, and Django.

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