The Truth: Apology to the Community

For a long time now I have denied all allegations of cheating within this army’s last generation. However, this is not the truth and I am sorry.

The generation was clean until a point. The army was going great with Banterous Sam and Greeny as leaders. We maxed 30+ clean at one point so the pressure was on to keep doing it clean and no cheating. Then Greeny defaced us and left and Sam gave up on me. I had to multilog 2/3 per event to keep us afloat.

legit teutons under me, greeny and sam TOTALLY CLEAN!

The generation was completely clean up till that point. We reached CPAC top three totally legit and I mean that.

It then got serious when more defaces happened and EVERY owner left us apart from Jd. This is when things got serious and I hired Darklink to bot 30+ for us every event.  Whilst I used old UMA multilogs to bot. M Buble was my account but the others that were blamed on me were actually Darklink and Ronald.

Water Waves and Jd NEVER knew about what was going on the army. The botting was me, Darklink and Ronald and occasionally we would let Cal join our events but he did not bot.

I promise the community I will never again multilog or bot again and I will be in the Night Warriors totally clean from now on. I promise the community I am totally clean now and I have learnt from my cheating ways- I just want your forgiveness and a clean chance in NW.

If needed PC me and I will explain more on why I had to cheat and I regret it.

Teutons gen 1 was always clean this only affects the last generation. The Teutons still reached second clean but I ADMIT cheating after Greeny and Sam left.

3 thoughts on “The Truth: Apology to the Community

  1. I don’t know what to say about this but I’m saddened. Why you asked? When I first joined Teutons in August 2014, I was one of the first loyalist around to be in this army and will always be. Even though ACP is my main home army, Teutons will always have a place in my heart of this community. I never realized that this point would come and it’s ok to admit, nothing can harm you. But the fact about this scandal disgraces the army and plagued it with issues makes it disappointing. 2014 will always be the ‘best generation’ there is. And the former troops who made this army possible make it more meaningful for me.

    Let the army stay in it’s place, it’s over. But the legacy isn’t. Keep the army remembered for future, as always.

    ~Rockstar1819, Former Teutons 3ic/Legend.

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      • Ok. Nothing regretting you did in this army but I don’t like the way of leadership in the 2nd gen, I was despise by JD so badly I had to leave the chat for safety reasons. Like I said, let the army stay in it’s place, so no more regretting and I regret nothing about it. You did great and I’m proud of it. For now, let it rest.

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