Chapter 1:The Mcflurry Era begins: A whole new level.

Hello Teutonic Knights,

I am your new leader, Flappy1233. I’ve served as a Teutonic Knight for 2 months now. And, now that Earthing has officially retired, sadly, :(, He has selected me and “Queen June”  as leader. Who thinks she’s a queen? Nobody.  But, please continue reading, Penguins!

Although this is a CPAC Army, I know you’ll ******* laugh but this is the first time I’m leading a CPAC Army. Well, I ALWAYS used to lead Small Armies. Once, I led Pirates though. But, the best army I led was MY own army, Master Defenders. I led it to Top 5 in SMAC last year. It became Legendary Army. That time, my sister was a reporter in SMAC and CPAC.

And, This time, we’ll make Teutons a whole new level. Light Troops, other armies thinks that we’re noobs. We’ll prove to ’em we’re not. So, Brigade has planned UK invasions against the Freaks. And, for us LT = Ladies Toilet.

So, in the invasions, we’ll flush ’em

Until Then,

Keep the Good Work!


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