AUSIA invasions of Vikings

Greetings Teutons,

Yes as I see a big ally war has approached we won’t resist.So lets crush the Vikings with our Vast AUSIA forces!So let’s march and Capture the Vikings empire!

Note:This is a 24 hours notice all Teutons must attend!



TIME:3:00 PM IST,9:30 AM GMT


Lets win and crush the Vikings!Promos and giveaways if we win!

March on,

Earthing-King of Teutons and Founder

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About Earthing

Hi. I'm Apratim Shukla. I'm an undergraduate pursuing Electronics and Computer Engineering at VIT Chennai, I developed an interest in Computer Science at the age of 13 and since then I have been exploring the fascinating world of computers! I am a Full-Stack Web Developer, and I have been experimenting with Machine Learning, Blockchain, and REST API's. I also love to explore and experiment with different frameworks such as React, Electron, and Django.

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